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LBS HomeGuard

Security for Doors & Windows

Protecting vulnerable doors and windows, the LBS HOMEGUARD range provides a highly visible and effective solution using a double skin aluminium curtain and anti-lift devices allow the roller shutters to be secured at the touch of a button. Roller Shutters can be “built-in” to the opening, providing unobtrusive, effective security.

Constructed from double skin aluminum interlocking laths, LBS HOMEGUARD roller shutters can be supplied with steel coil casings and matching fascia panels, in standard stock colours or polyester powder coated as required. Vertical guides and bottom weather seals provide a seal around the opening and ensure almost silent operation.

Manually operated for smaller openings by internal winding mechanisms or Electrically operated by switch or radio controlled fob transmitter.

Group command units allow any number of shutters to be controlled from a single switch.

LBS roller shutters and our other residential security products will protect your business against intruders, criminal damage and adverse weather conditions and by using then best materials available, will last for years. We want every one of our customers to feel safe and secure with our products, so we aim to be the best in London, the South-East and across the UK.

Product Range

38mm double skin extruded laths for openings up to 3m wide including anti-lift devices.

55mm double skin extruded laths for openings up to 5m wide.