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Providing the perfect security for Homes Throughout the UK

A residential property can be anything from a small home to a mansion, a block of flats to an apartment tower block. One thing is for certain though: Security is essential to anyone who lives in a property, and it is important that residential property owners know where to look when they are seeking to get their premises safeguarded against a variety of issues, including criminal activity and poor weather conditions.

Based in London and the South-East, LBS Group are market leaders in providing property owners with the highest quality security products for the windows and doors of the property. Whether that be insulated garage door, communal car park access or high-security door it is essential that everyone is catered for and can enter and exit their property knowing that they are properly safe and secure.


Property Protection

  • Doors & Windows secured by rolling shutters and lattice gates.
  • Insulated rolling shutters and sectional overhead doors for garages and secure storage.
  • Car park security provided by automatic rolling shutters and grilles, all with necessary access controls and mandatory safety devices.
  • High security doors providing a physical deterrent or creating Panic Room Secure areas

Residential Products

LBS Homeguard
Aluminium rolling shutters

LBS insulated Garage Doors
Roller shutters & sectional overhead

LBS Diamond Gaurd
Collapsible lattice gates

LBS Shield Door
High security doors

LBS ProPark
High usage car park grilles

LBS DoorGuard
Steel Fire-exit & plant room doors

Protecting vulnerable doors and windows, the LBS HOMEGUARD range provides a highly visible and effective solution using a double skin aluminium curtain and anti-lift devices allow the roller shutters to be secured at the touch of a button. Roller Shutters can be “built-in” to the opening, providing unobtrusive, effective security.

Constructed from double skin aluminum interlocking laths, LBS HOMEGUARD roller shutters can be supplied with steel coil casings and matching fascia panels, in standard stock colours or polyester powder coated as required. Vertical guides and bottom weather seals provide a seal around the opening and ensure almost silent operation.

Manually operated for smaller openings by internal winding mechanisms or Electrically operated by switch or radio controlled fob transmitter.

Group command units allow any number of shutters to be controlled from a single switch.

LBS roller shutters and our other residential security products will protect your business against intruders, criminal damage and adverse weather conditions and by using then best materials available, will last for years. We want every one of our customers to feel safe and secure with our products, so we aim to be the best in London, the South-East and across the UK.

Product Range

38mm double skin extruded laths for openings up to 3m wide including anti-lift devices

55mm double skin extruded laths for openings up to 5m wide

Available with Secure By Design LPS Level 1 Security Certification.

LBS provide a complete range of Insulated rolling shutters and sectional overhead doors providing a secure solution for all garage doorways.

With radio control via handheld transmitters, anti-lift devices, courtesy lights and mandatory safety features, shutters to be secured at the touch of a button protecting vulnerable household items. Each automatic rolling shutter is supplied complete with a single channel receiver with built-in courtesy light, two key fob transmitters, a bottom slat safety sensor and an internal manual override for use in the event of power failure.

A garage door is often seen as an entry point for intruders, so securing your home with an insulated garage door from LBS will ensure that nobody who shouldn’t be gaining access will be gaining access, whilst also insulating your garage and providing an attractive first impression for visitors to your property.

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Residential Sectional Doors

Product Range

The original insulated shutter – manually and electrically operated for convenience

Tested and approved to Police & Insurance standards

40mm thick panels provide 0.51 W/m²K insulation In a variety of styles with glazing options

An LBS DIAMONDGUARD collapsible lattice gate provides solid yet discreet security to vulnerable doorways and windows, giving you the peace of mind you need that you are being protected by a quality product.

Constructed from steel upright channels and lattice, LBS DIAMONDGUARD Collapsible Lattice Gates are bottom rolling with top and bottom rails. Hinge-up and pivoting bottom rails can be provided for doorway applications. Standard polyester powder coat white finish, other RAL or BS colours are also available.

An LBS security gate won’t make a home look like a prison. Each product is manufactured with your needs in mind, and it is important to us that each customer is satisfied and that their home looks like a home, just a greatly secured home.

Product Range


With LBS 1175 Security Ratings 1 & 2

The LBS SHIELD DOOR range provide a secure solution to vulnerable property providing complete protection

Against any eventuality – Can be used as PANIC ROOM protection

Designed to the highest standards in a variety of finishes – including powder coated steel and wood laminates

Certification of Burglar Resistance: Standard 1 EN1627 2011

WK2 – Protection from burglar using basic tools

Standard 2: EN 1627 2011

WK3 – Increased protection from heavy duty tools

Premium – EN 1627 2011

WK4 – Impenetrable to crowbars, hammers, cutting & drilling tools

Certification of Fire Resistance: Tested to UK & EN standards after 1 hour at 1000°C opposite face only 90°C

Certification of Bullet Resistance: Tested to EN 1522 FB4 resisting 9mm handgun

Certification of Durability: Tested to EN1191 after 200,000 operations door still as secure as new

Certification of Sound Insulation: Sound insulation up to 45dB Rw

Certification of Water & Wind Resistance: Tested to withstand heavy rain (Cass 1A)& roaring wind (Class 3)

For underground car parking areas or where ventilation or vision is required, LBS Brickbond, ProPark rolling grilles and Viewguard Perforated rolling shutters provide see-through security and ventilation. Brick-bond grilles are constructed from tubes and links arranged on steel rods in a brickbond pattern.

LBS ProTect aluminium grilles are honeycomb pattern with cross-bar for additional strength, stability and security having an antilift device and noise reduction system.

Viewguard shutters are made using perforated roller shutter material all available with polyester powder coat colour options.

LBS CAR PARK SHUTTERS & GRILLES can be operated by fob transmitters, key or digital switches or access control systems and integrated controls with automatic timed closing and all necessary mandatory safety devices allow automatic opening or closing to suit every application. All automatic rolling grilles are provided with mandatory high-level safety photocells.
When your car park is being protected by an LBS security grille, you can rest assured that all vehicles are being protected by the finest quality products available in London and the South-East.

Product Range




doorguardLBS DOORGUARD flush-faced steel doors are the perfect fit and perfect finish for high-usage secure doorways with a complete range of locking, glazing and louvre options protecting communal entrances and plant / bin store areas all tailormade to individual clients requirements.
Made from high tensile steel for a stronger yet lighter door complete with an insulated core for improved thermal properties and incorporating a full height anti-jemmy security astragal.
Secured by Design and PAS23/24 security options available

Constructed from zintec, galvanised or stainless steel with full polyester powder-coat colour finishes with a complete range of electronic locking and access control systems available.

Product Range