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LBS Folding Door Systems

Bi-Folding Insulated & Glazed Doors

LBS provide a complete range of bi-folding and sliding doors, ideal for a multitude of industrial or commercial applications.

The LBS Bi-Fold requires only 160mm headroom

– Smooth, embossed or stucco steel sheet
– Surface finish with glazing & louvred options
– No bottom rail, side hinge supported, top rolling design
– 90 or 180 degree opening
– Optional wicket door (with or without threshold), windows and electrical operation
– Maximum opening size 12000mm wide x 6000mm high
– Medium size openings, 4+4, 4+2, 4+0, 3+3, 3+2, 3+0, 2+2, 2+1, 2+0 and 1+1 leaf arrangements.
– Manufactured with hardwearing and durable materials
– Class 4 wind load resistance (EN 12424)1

The LBS Sliding-Folding door is designed for openings up to 50000m wide x 10000mm high and can be manually or electrically operated

– Sliding or Bifolding, opening to one side or bi-parting
– Requires only 150mm headroom
– With or without bottom rail
– Manual operation with optional electrical drive
– Maximum height 10m
– Certified wind load resistance Class 4: (EN 12424)
– Smooth, embossed or stucco steel sheet surface finish with glazing & louvred options
– Optional wicket door