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LBS FireSafe PLUS 2

For openings up to 5m x 3m

Tested to (BS) EN1634-1 and achieved rating of DH (1000°C, above 60 minutes)

Product Reference:
Firesafe Plus 2
Automatic Fire Barriers

Approved Standards:
BS EN 1634-1:2008
BS EN 1363-1:1999
BS EN 1363-2:1999
BS EN 12101 Annex B
EN13501-2:2007 + A1:2009
PAS 121

The LBS FireSafe Plus is an electrically operated automatic Fire Barrier, to be used to form a continuous barrier against fire.

Product Performance:
Complete product tested to (BS) EN1634- 1 and achieved a rating of DH (1000°C, above 60
When tested to EN1634- 1 the FireSafe Plus 2 product achieved
E – Integrity 60 minutes
W- Irradiance 60 minutes
IZ – Insulating Zone 45 minutes
EI₁ 45 minutes I (1) Thermal Insulation
EI₂ 60 minutes I (2) Thermal Insulation

(IZ measured from 25mm from face of specimen did not exceed more than 91° Celsius at
The specimen was evaluated against the performance requirements for ‘Insulating Zone’ as
detailed within Annex D of PAS 121: 2007. A movable thermocouple was positioned 25 mm
in front of the test specimen and its position adjusted throughout the test so as to maintain
a recorded air temperature as close to 180 Degrees Celsius as possible.

Classifications as detailed within EN 13501 – 2:2007 + A1: 2009 is therefore detailed as
E60 EW60 and the following class can also be used as below:
EI 45, E60
EI₁ 45 / EI₂ 60 / E60
IZ 45
E60 / EW45 – C0

Classification Periods: 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240, 360
Designed to withstand hot air and smoke at temperatures up to 1000°C for over 60 minutes
once only.

R E I W t t _ M S C IncSlow sn EF r
60 I₁ 45 C0
R E I W t t _ M S C IncSlow sn EF r
60 I₂ 60 C0

The LBS FireSafe Plus 2 can be provided to protect openings widths from 5m wide x 3.5m high.

General Description:
The curtain head box is manufactured from 1.2mm mild steel, the enclosure is rated at the same temperature as the curtain fabric. Removable cover plates are incorporated to allow access to the curtain rollers.

Standard head box sizes are 500mm x 200mm. A suitably weighted bottom bar is provided to prevent deflection and ensure correct operation under gravity.

The unique design incorporates two side by side systems and allows a 100mm gap between each curtains. This creates a thermal insulation in-between the two layers of fabric traps the heat in-between both elements to reduce the thermal heat and irradiance of heat transference on the non-fire safe side.

This provides an insulation barrier so that occupants can pass by safety, on protective “main routes” of escape. The unique design incorporates two back to back fire curtains which has a 100mm gap between the two curtains.

The system requires the use of Promat 9mm Supalux fire board, if there are any exposed steel surfaces.

The system is designed so that either side of the system can be the safe or fire side. The specimen was tested to the size of 2750mm x 2750mm furnace opening. The test was carried out in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 1363-1:1999 by attaching thermocouples in the required locations to the unexposed face of the curtain.

LBS FireSafe Plus 2 – Single Curtain Drawing