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LBS FireSafe Cavity

Fire rated cavity barriers for roof voids & above suspended ceilings

firesafe-cavity-2 firesafe-cavity-1

Cavity Fire Protection Cavity Barriers have been developed to provide compartmentation of structures, typically within roof voids and above suspended ceilings.

Designed to specifically to halt the passage of smoke and flame and to insulate the cold face of the barrier from rapid temperature rises in a fire situation.

Cavity Fire Barriers Typically provides:

  • Testing to All BS476 Parts 20/22
  • Tested Penetration Management
  • Lightweight, clean, easy fixing methods
  • Manufactured from non – respirable materials
  • Positive Fixing to perimeters
  • All products suitable for use horizontally
  • PLUS provides 3rd Party Certification

Products within the Cavity Fire Barrier Range:

VULCAN 60 minutes integrity / 20minutes insulation

Meets minimum requirements of Building Regulations  

PLUS30 30 minutes integrity / 30minutes insulation

Exceeds buildings regulations

PLUS60 120 minutes integrity / 30minutes insulation

Exceeds buildings regulations

TITAN 120 minutes integrity / 60minutes insulation

Exceeds buildings regulations