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LBS DoorGuard

Fire resistant + Fire-Exit Doors

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LBS DOORGUARD flush-faced steel doors are the perfect fit and perfect finish for both internal and external doorways with a complete range of locking, glazing, infill panels and louvre options as required.

Fire rated doors are have been tested to provide up to 240 minutes fire resistance

Made from high tensile steel for a stronger yet lighter door complete with an insulated core for improved thermal properties and incorporating a full height anti-jemmy security astragal.

Constructed from zintec, galvanised or stainless steel with full polyester powder-coat colour finishes available.

Our thermally insulated steel door has achieved an industry leading U-Value of 1.8 W/m²K when assessed under EN ISO 10077-2; 2012 and 10077-1;2006 in both single and double door configurations, exceeding thermal energy efficiency standards referred to in Part L Building Regulations guidelines, which require external pedestrian doors to achieve a U-Value under 2.2 W/m²K.

The thermal technology is uniquely concealed in the door’s interior, ensuring that the door leaf remains the same thickness and frame appearance is consistent with that of a standard door. This ensures the product retains its high aesthetic appeal and ease of use, ideal for both commercial and residential use.

A range of Fire-rated security doors can also provide physical protection having been tested to SBD (Pas24) and LPS1175 security standards up to SR4

Product Range includes

Fire-rated doors (up to 240 minutes)

Acoustic doors (42dB – 62dB)

High-security doors (PAS 23/24 + LPS1175 SR1, SR3 & SR4)

Ballistic doorsets to EN 1522/1523 and Blast doorsets up to impulses of 1500 mPa-msec

Steel framed glazed doors & screens

Louvered doors & Screens