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Ensuring your Business is kept safe and secure..

A complete range of roller shutters, grilles and doors combining the need for security and appearance. High-usage car park shutters & grilles, Steel Fire-exit doors and High-security steel doors for vulnerable locations.


Commercial properties require serious protection against a variety of issues, including criminal activity and poor weather conditions.

Based in London and the South-East, LBS Group are market leaders in providing property owners with the highest quality security products for vulnerable windows and doors. Whether that be a single window, a communal car park or storage area

LBS provide a complete range of secure door and shutter systems to ensure that everyone is secure and that they can enter and exit their property knowing that they are properly safe and secure.

Property Protection

  • Doors & Windows secured by rolling shutters and lattice gates.
  • Car park security provided by automatic rolling shutters and grilles, all with necessary access controls and mandatory safety devices.
  • High security doors providing a physical deterrent or creating Panic Room Secure areas


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Commercial Products

Please use the tabs below to browse through some of our commercial based products

LBS Officeguard
Security rolling shutters

LBS Counterguard
Rolling Shutters & Grilles

LBS Diamondguard
Collaspsible lattice gates

LBS Vista
Straight & Curved folding grilles

LBS ProPark
High usage car park grilles

LBS Doorguard
Steel Doors

LBS High Fold
Vertically Folding Solid & Glazed Systems

Insurance approved burglar bars

Control vehicle access with Bi-Folding & Sliding gates

A complete range of bi-folding and sliding doors, ideal for a multitude of industrial or commercial applications.

Protecting vulnerable doors and windows LBS OFFICEGUARD provides a highly visible and effective solution using a strong steel laths or double skin extruded aluminium curtain – a practical solution to safeguard office premises.

Manually operated over doorways, or electrically operated to cover areas up to 8m wide x 6m high.

Roller Shutters can be operated by key switches or radio controlled via fob transmitters. Group command units allow any number of shutters to be controlled from a single switch.

When your office is protected by an LBS security product, you are fully protected against intruders and criminal damage.

Product Range

curtain and anti-lift devices allow the premises to be secured at the touch of a button.
38 – 38mm double skin extruded laths for openings up to 3m wide

55 – 55mm double skin extruded laths for openings up to 5m wide

77 – 77mm double skin extruded laths for openings up to 6m wide

75mm traditionally curved steel interlocking laths for openings up to 8m wide

Polycarbonate rolling shutters

LBS Roller Shutters and grilles are the ideal practical solution to protecting vulnerable reception areas, bars, serveries and kiosks when premises are closed.

LBS Counterguard roller shutters are available in Steel or Aluminium being manufactured to the highest possible standard that will be in keeping with the aesthetic of your premises.

For vision / display, purposed bar security grilles can be constructed from aluminium tubes and links arranged in a brickbond pattern, or aluminium profiles with punched slots in a brickbond or in-line pattern.

LBS Counterguard roller shutters can be supplied with steel coil casings and matching fascia panels all polyester powder coated stock RAL or BS colour finishes and all can be electrically operated via reliable 240v motors.

When your establishment is being secured by LBS, you know that you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of.

Product Range
75mm steel lath provides the ultimate protection

Double skin extruded aluminium laths

Tubes & links arranged in a brickbond pattern rolling grille

Extruded links and hinged profile arranged IN-Line or Brickbond pattern

Side-folding grilles

LBS DIAMONDGUARD collapsible lattice gates provide discreet security to vulnerable doorways and windows. Available to Loss Prevention Standard LPS1175 security rating 1.

Constructed from steel upright channels and lattice, LBS DIAMONDGUARD Collapsible Lattice Gates are bottom rolling with top and bottom rails, and are a practical and discreet solution to doorways, windows or display areas.

Hinge-up and pivoting bottom rails can be provided for doorway applications. Standard polyester powder coat white finish, other RAL or BS colours are also available. Your shop will look the business and be safe and secure around the clock.

Product Range

From 600mm x 600mm windows, any width up to 10m wide can be accommodated. Up to 3200mm high.


LBS VISTA sliding / folding closures can provide space division, security or sound reduction

They help create secure areas or room dividers, and with unlimited widths, minimal headroom and curved tracks, they help provide an alternative to rolling shutters that are solid and secure and provide the protection you need.

The options of Open grilles, Lexan inserts, solid or perforated aluminium infills are also available, as is a stainless steel option instead of aluminium. All these products will help protect what is dear to you to a high standard.

Product Range

Sliding-folding grille with shatterproof Lexan inserts

Sliding-folding shutter with perforated aluminium panels

Solid aluminium panels elimimating temptation

Economical and lightweight open style grille

Tough open style sliding-folding grille

Sliding sound divider with 45 STC rating

For underground car parking areas or where ventilation or vision is required, LBS Brickbond & ProPark rolling grilles and Viewguard Perforated rolling shutters provide see-through security and ventilation.

LBS CAR PARK SHUTTERS & GRILLES can be operated by fob transmitters, key or digital switches or access control systems and integrated controls with automatic timed closing and all necessary mandatory safety devices allow automatic opening or closing to suit every application. All automatic rolling grilles are provided with mandatory high-level safety photocells.
Matching access / fire-exit doors, supporting steelwork and matching infill panels provide a complete system so that when your car park is being protected by an LBS security grille, you can rest assured that all vehicles are being protected by the finest quality products available in the Country

Product range

LBS ProTect aluminium grilles
Honeycomb pattern with cross-bar for additional strength, stability and security having anti-lift devices and noise reduction system

LBS Brick-bond grilles
Constructed from tubes and links arranged on galvanised steel rods

LBS Viewguard
Shutters are made using perforated roller shutter material

LBS DOORGUARD flush-faced steel doors are the perfect fit and perfect finish for both internal and external doorways with a complete range of locking, glazing, infill panels and louvre options as required.

Made from high tensile steel for a stronger yet lighter door complete with an insulated core for improved thermal properties and incorporating a full height anti-jemmy security astragal.

Constructed from zintec, galvanised or stainless steel with full polyester powder-coat colour finishes available.

Our thermal steel door has achieved an industry leading U-Value of 1.6 W/m²K when assessed under EN ISO 10077-2; 2012 and 10077-1;2006 in both single and double door configurations, exceeding thermal energy efficiency standards referred to in Part L Building Regulations guidelines, which require external pedestrian doors to achieve a U-Value under 2.2 W/m²K.

If required, our thermal door can be upgraded to achieve a higher thermal efficiency U-Value of 1.3 W/m²K, preventing heat loss further.

On average up to 20% of heat loss is due to poorly insulated doors and windows. Our advanced thermal technology will contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings as well as saving the bill payer money.

Product Range

General purpose steel doors for internal & external applications

Fire-exit & Fire-rated doors (up to 240 minutes)

Acoustic doors (42dB – 62dB)

High-security doors (PAS 23/24 + LPS1175 SR1, SR3 & SR4)

Ballistic doorsets to EN 1522/1523

Blast doorsets up to impulses of 1500 mPa-msec

PermagaurdA complete range of physical security products for permanent protection to property – windows, plant, stock etc. The best Security Bars and Grilles to be found right here in London and the South-East, and of the highest possible quality and standard of fitting.

Permanently fixed, or hinged mesh grilles within steel angle frames for windows, along with complete secure enclosures using steel sections and sheet / mesh infills to isolate valuable stock, create cycle storage or bin enclosures, all purpose made to suit. When you need to be secure, LBS can provide the products.

When your property is being protected by an LBS security product, you are fully protected against intruders, criminal damage and any adverse weather conditions. When we say permanent, we mean permanent.

Product Range

Insurance approved burglar bars which can be fitted internally or externally, and constructed from solid vertical steel bars at minimum 150mm centres and horizontal flat steel sections at minimum 600mm apart provided with all necessary permanent fixings. Available factory painted or polyester powder coat colour finish.

Permanently fixed, or hinged mesh grilles within steel angle frames for windows

Complete secure enclosures using steel sections and sheet / mesh infills to isolate valuable stock, create cycle storage or bin enclosures, all purpose made to suit.

Also fabrication of secure enclosures for vulnerable electrical controls and valuable items constructed from 6mm mild steel plate and powder coated as required

Fabricated safety barriers to protect walkways, loading areas, manufactured to clients requirements

speedgateLBS Vehicle Speed Gates are the perfect cost effective solution for all parking and vehicle access control applications. 

Fast, reliable & secure LBS SPEED GATES are friendly and designed for 100% duty cycle operation in a wide range of styles and designs are available to suit any project: –

Top Guided / Bottom Guided Double Sided / Single Sided
Dual Action
Large Speed Gates
High Security Speed Gates Matching Pedestrian Doors & Fence Panels
IP Remote Monitoring & Control Range of Designs and Colours
Infill Panels – bar, sheet, glass, wood, customised
Fully Customised Designs
TUV® Approved for Safety


LBS provide a complete range of bi-folding and sliding doors, ideal for a multitude of industrial or commercial applications.

The LBS Bi-Fold requires only 160mm headroom

– Smooth, embossed or stucco steel sheet
– Surface finish with glazing & louvred options
– No bottom rail, side hinge supported, top rolling design
– 90 or 180 degree opening
– Optional wicket door (with or without threshold), windows and electrical operation
– Maximum opening size 12000mm wide x 6000mm high
– Medium size openings, 4+4, 4+2, 4+0, 3+3, 3+2, 3+0, 2+2, 2+1, 2+0 and 1+1 leaf arrangements.
– Manufactured with hardwearing and durable materials
– Class 4 wind load resistance (EN 12424)


The LBS Sliding-Folding door is designed for openings up to 50000m wide x 10000mm high and can be manually or electrically operated

– Sliding or Bifolding, opening to one side or bi-parting
– Requires only 150mm headroom
– With or without bottom rail
– Manual operation with optional electrical drive
– Maximum height 10m
– Certified wind load resistance Class 4: (EN 12424)
– Smooth, embossed or stucco steel sheet surface finish with glazing & louvred options
– Optional wicket door