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LBS Brickbond Grilles

Brickbond Pattern

For underground car parking areas or where ventilation or vision is required, LBS Brickbond & ProPark rolling grilles and Viewguard Perforated rolling shutters provide see-through security and ventilation. Brick-bond grilles are constructed from tubes and links arranged on steel rods in a brickbond pattern. LBS ProTect aluminium grilles are honeycomb pattern with cross-bar for additional strength, stability and security. Viewguard shutters are made using perforated roller shutter material all available with polyester powder coat colour options.

Electrically operated to cover areas up to 20m wide x 7m high. For high usage 3-phase motors with manual operation via low level endless hand-chain are provided or 240 volt single phase for limited usage. Automatic operation via fob / card system with all necessary Safety devices i.e. Optical safety edges, Photocells etc.

LBS CAR PARK SHUTTERS & GRILLES can be operated by fob transmitters, key or digital switches or access control systems and integrated controls with automatic timed closing and all necessary mandatory safety devices allow automatic opening or closing to suit every application. All automatic rolling grilles are provided with mandatory high-level safety photocells.
When your car park is being protected by an LBS security grille, you can rest assured that all vehicles are being protected by the finest quality products available in London and the South-East.